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Hawaii Tsunami warning cancelled

1:38 PM Hawaii tsunami warning cancelled


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Tsunami for Hawaii from Chile Earthquake

In 10 minutes (6 AM) Hawaii’s civil defense sirens are to go off, throughout the state. We are on a tsunami warning from Chile’s 8.8 earthquake. Lines are formed at gas stations that aren’t open yet. The first wave is expected about noon. Things are closing, people are gathering things to evacuate, preparing to take a week’s necessities.

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Happy Birthday Steve

Steve Jobs is 55 today, February 24, 2010. Here is a private man delivering a very public speech.

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White House accused of Federal Crime in Specter, Bennet Races

An amazingly sourced set of allegations, if proven true, could result in jail time for members of the current administration including Obama.

How easily it was forgotten, in what is called “The Chicago Way” that Obama ran for his senate seat unopposed once he arranged for the competition to drop out of the race.

Will the main stream media jump on this? Will Eric Holder recuse himself, will the FBI begin a thorough investigation? This could add to the drama of the upcoming elections in 2012 in a very big way.

Note this isn’t the “famous right-wing conspiracy” but two democrats swearing, that this happened. The media as usual was AWOL on the original Denver case. We The People must demand immediate accountability from the media, and a thorough investigation by the FBI. Random thoughts while observing our king and our rulers potentially spend serious time in the Gray Bar Hotel, J.C.

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what do you do when your name is ACORN?

You change your name…

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Biting the hand that feeds him

After presiding over a $787 billion economic stimulus package, bank bailouts and automaker rescues during his first year in office, the Democratic president rejects arguments that his administration is unfriendly to business.
Still, his tough words about Wall Street practices and sky-high bonuses caught many executives off guard.
Obama, while trying not to alienate business leaders whose support he needs to boost the economy, has sought to capitalize on voter anger over big bank profits.
Democrats want to claim the issue ahead of congressional elections in November, when Republicans are expected to gain seats in Congress.

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