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Gotta admire the man for being honest! Florida got it right. Bravo for Sheriff Judd!

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Democrats may take power from superdelegates

a group of Democrats gathered by President Obama has recommended that the party effectively eliminate the influence of so-called superdelegates by redefining their voting power.

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Where was Obama when in the Third Grade?

Third Grade Picture of Obama with his Noelani school classmate: wait a minute, when did he attend that school in Indonesia?

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Pelosi Enjoys Privacy, Palin Hounded

The contrast between the reverential privacy granted Pelosi and the petty harassment aimed at both Palin and the Detroit auto execs is an element of the ongoing decades-long campaign of politically correct thought reform aimed at American elites. The message is simple: Toe the line or be hounded out of our circles.

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They Have Forgotten

9/11 Congress sings God Bless America then promptly FORGETS

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Al-Qaeda Determined to Succeed

The possibility of explosive hidden in passengers’ crotch area raises obvious challenges for security officials. “Unless we search – including cavity searches, by the way – every passenger getting on a plane, that’s the only way you can guarantee they don’t have PETN on them.”

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An Arabic Christmas Carol (Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity)

Byzantine Hymn of the Nativity

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Life and Premature Death of Pax Obamicana

The Obama administration has antagonized India in the hope of mollifying Pakistani irredentism, just as it has antagonized Israel with the dubious argument that if Israel makes concessions to the divided, ineffectual Palestine Authority, it will be able to mollify Iran. Nothing will assuage the Palestinians, who are failed before coming a state, nor the Pakistanis, whose failure is ineluctable….

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the Origins of Obamism

“It is a given that what we make is not our own, but predicated on the liberality of society. Thus, for those who were too greedy, too conniving, or even too lucky, the state must step in to ensure that we end up the same.”

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Muslim Preacher Condems Christmas as “Evil”

A Muslim lawyer and preacher, who recently praised the Mumbai massacre as a glorious event, calls upon all Muslims to condemn Christmas as evil, claiming that all celebrations of the holiday are forbidden by Allah.
“The very concept of Christmas contradicts and conflicts with the foundation of Islam.”

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