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Diamonds & Lip Gloss


Please bend over – Again!

This nineteen-year-old ex-cheerleader (now an Air Force Security Forces Sniper) was watching a rolad that led to a NATO military base when she observed a man digging by the road. She engage the target (i.e., she shot him). Turned out he was a bomb maker for the Taliban and he was burying an IED that was to be detonated when a US patrol walked by 30 minutes later. It would have certainly killed and wounded several soldiers.

The interesting fact of this story is the shot was measured at 725 yards. (That’s a shot 25 yards longer than seven football fields!) She shot him as he was bent over burying the bomb. The shot went through his butt and into the bomb which detonated: he was blown to pieces. And the last thing that came out of his mouth… was his butt. The Air  Force made a motivational poster of her.

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Obama’s Diplomacy

Lisa Benson

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the New Racist

Before you’re quick to jump on that “Racist” name-calling bandwagon, consider the company you’re keeping.

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e Komo Mai!

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