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Controlled by Legislation

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.

– P.J. O’Rourke

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repeal it!

Repeal it! from senate conservatives fund

Repeal ObamaCare Pledge

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Big Insurers Like ObamaCare

-by Linda Butts

Call Rape a Lollipop and Fools for Change clamor for a really big one!

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socialist democracy – Government In Spite of the People

-by Linda Butts The CHANGE voted into the White House November 2008 brought with him a skill…
Congressional Senators and Representatives do the biding of their President Obama. They clandestinely converse behind closed doors (the PC version of Transparency) to

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no taxation without representation


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Hawaii considering Law to ignore Obama “birthers”

Birthers beware: Hawaii may start ignoring your repeated requests for proof that President Barack Obama was born here.
The measure is SB2937.

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57 States the Reason for Health Care

This explains how Obama’s Health Care ¬†will “help with the Earthquake in Hawaii”…

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NRA News – UN Small Arms Doomsday Treaty

heads up from MRB

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“In my many years, I have come to a conclusion that…”

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Untold Story

Maybe you’d like to hear about a real American, somebody who honored the uniform he wears
Meet Brian Chontosh
Churchville-Chili Central School Class of 1991.

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