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Rise in solar activity all but certain to mess with GPS

Our satellite navigation systems are about to take a pummeling from the Sun. The Sun is on schedule to experience an increase in solar activity that will interfere in a number of ways with the communication between satellites and navigation receivers on the ground, resulting in some potentially annoying outages and errors.

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Why we should be Worried about 2/11 Iran Threat

4) Now the clincher: As a result, Obama declares war on Iran, Congress passes an Act of War, as part of his outrage (at death and damage to the USA or Saudi or other Arab countries or in a change of heart, even to Israel.

With a rapidly angry American populace blaming him for his weakness and inability to Administer or govern the country, he will simply – as per the Act of War DECLARE MARTIAL LAW, SUSPEND ELECTIONS AND RULE BY DECREE.

The ultimate LEGAL power grab and imposed obedience of every American BY LAW comes into effect.

How easy is that?

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Presidents – Coming and Going :)

This is what the First Couples looked like coming into the White House and the second photo what they will look like going out…

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BOB&TOM TV: “Obama Man” by Greg Morton

Who can take tomorrow, spend it all today…
…take your income and tax it all all away…

Obamaman can cause he mixes it with hope and makes the world feel good…

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Quote of the Week

… When it comes to sending left-wing dingbats to Washington, we’re number one. There’s no getting around the fact that the last time anyone saw the likes of Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi, they were stirring a cauldron when…

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Miss Me Yet?’ Billboard With Photo Of Bush Is Real

Internet chatter had led to speculation that it might be an urban myth — nothing more than clever digital trickery spreading via the Web.

But our friend Bob Collins at Minnesota Public Radio assures us he’s seen it with his own eyes:

There is a billboard along I-35 near Wyoming, Minn., with a huge photo of former president George W. Bush and this question: “Miss Me Yet?”

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Post-America- A Nation of Appeasers

How are wars won? The preferred way is for one side to see that its own victory is impossible and that it will face much heavier costs by continuing than by surrendering or making peace. By making a deal sooner, the side that’s losing often reasons that it can get better terms.

What do you do, though, if the other side isn’t going to give up? Here’s what Sherman said about the French-German conflict but which also applies to America’s Civil War and many other conflicts as well:

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Obama anti-terror adviser lashes out at lawmakers

“Quite frankly I’m tiring of politicians using national security issues such as terrorism as political football. They’re going out there, they’re unknowing of the facts, and they’re making charges and allegations that are not anchored in reality,” John Brennan told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

By charging Abdulmutallab in a criminal court and giving him legal rights, Republicans have argued that it prevented the intelligence community from obtaining information from him on al Qaeda and possible future U.S. terrorist attacks.

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Not Getting it Back

a Mike Lester cartoon
The wrong stuff coming off at airport security screening….

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Maxine speaks on Congress’ Economic Plan

Maxine says the economy is SO bad…

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