Tsunami for Hawaii from Chile Earthquake

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In 10 minutes (6 AM) Hawaii’s civil defense sirens are to go off, throughout the state. We are on a tsunami warning from Chile’s 8.8 earthquake. Lines are formed at gas stations that aren’t open yet. The first wave is expected about  noon. Things are closing, people are gathering things to evacuate, preparing to take a week’s necessities.  On Twitter as mizhepsy

Tsunami for Hawaii from Chile UPDATE – 10:57 AM

In about 10 minutes the Big Island of Hawaii is expecting the first of the Tsunami. Computer models predict: 8′ for Hilo island of Hawaii; Maui 9′; Honolulu 2.3′; Kauai, 4′
The Pacific is in tsunami warning area, including Washington, Oregon, parts of Alaska
Evacuation of flood zones, county roads closed
Simultaneous emergency radio broadcasting since early this AM
Unknown: potential effect from Argentina 6.3 quake earlier today
Most airports open
Waves are coming 500 mph (under, not on top of the water)
Hawaii is prepared.
“It’s a slow motion disaster.”

Tsunami for Hawaii from Chile UPDATE 2 -11:55 AM

11:05 AM … the expected 8′ tsunami for Hilo was a centimeters surge.
11:38 AM … Hilo Bay receding, no wave action as result
… the entire Tsunami is running on Hawaii time so Honolulu hasn’t seen the 2.3′ expected at 11:37.
The biggest quake ever recorded was 1960, Chile, 9.5 on the Richter scale
11:45 AM … Hilo Bay water is coming back
11:53 AM … Hilo is on the third cycle, nothing major, they’re watching the water go one way then another…. major surges in Hilo Bay 54 minutes late … not 8′ yet.
“Computer models are pretty good but that’s what got us into trouble with the whole global warming thing.”

Tsunami for Hawaii UPDATE 3 -12:30 PM

DON’T BELIEVE MSM NEWS about the tsunami!
Sheesh! What fear mongers they are!
Local media is making fun of what they’re reporting.
Pearl Harbor has receded about a foot.
We’re ready. People evacuated from low lying areas. Businesses, roads closed.
Eight foot tsunami that hit Hilo (Hawaii, Big Island) is centimeters to one foot of “sloshing”, as reported by the tsunami expert.
“A little bit of water” is seen at Waikiki right now, an area in Kaiula up about a foot. The bay from my window is calm, Honolulu Harbor deserted, with its ships and boats out at sea.

Hawaii Tsunami UPDATE 4 -1:15 PM

MSM evening papers and internet are reporting exaggerations.

It’s a beautiful day in Hawaii.
Ships coming back into the Harbor
Looks like HiloBay got a few 3 footers
Kauai 3′-4′
Honolulu about a foot.
Kalaupapa (leper colony on Molokai) was not evacuated.
Kauai, island north of Oahu, isn’t reporting much.

Hawaii looks to be spared.
We don’t have an official all-clear, yet.

This is what a 15 foot tsunami looks like: at FBI office, Samoa

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Whose is it? Hawaii Tsunami warning cancelled

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