Kim’s Missile, Obama’s Omission

090619 at 11:47 am 17 comments

-by Linda Butts

Kim_Strangelove_Hawaii1Of the actions Obama has accomplished quite expediently, the one that causes the most concern is what he has shown he cannot do.

The one thing, above all others, that promises disaster with Obama at the helm is defense of US, our United States, with him as Commander in Chief.

North Korea’s Kim and Iran’s Achminijad scurry for offensive action.
Obama is on a mission of apolgy.

For years now, we in Hawaii hear intermittent reports of the missiles Kim Jong Il has been playing with. They can reach US, we’re told, which means either Alaska or Hawaii. Sometimes it’s been just the “I’m going to do this” of a madman. Other times he’s produced a fizzle in the Pacific. If I had been keeping track, there’d be a pattern, I’m sure, in the frequency of Kim’s “it can reach the United States” obsession.

For the past few days the usual Hawaii talk of Kim’s nuclear ambition is garnering media attention, at least on the mainland if not the world. July 4 is the targeted date for a missile aimed at Hawaii. Local reports, relayed from Japan, use “early July” July 4-8. That’s a span of days, not a specific date. The emphasis is a missile aimed at Hawaii, not that Hawaii is targeted. That’s what’s talked about here.

Whether a specific day or location is targeted, if Kim’s missile proves to be more of another fizzle than hitting Hawaii, there are many miles of uninhabited Hawaii. The Hawaii Island chain is about 1,500 miles long. Kim’s missile has a reported reach of about 4,000 miles. The main islands of Hawaii are about 4,500 miles from North Korea.

People who were on Oahu at the time it was bombed, remember the details of the day when explosives were dropped in and around Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. They remember their awe when they discovered that the assault was known of, by government people in position to do something, before those bombs were dropped.

We now on Oahu, I am sure, will remember the details of the day, should Kim’s missile have the temerity to reach our Island in early July.

Sixty plus years ago, those in position to protect the Territory of Hawaii, the people, and United States military interests, did nothing to prevent the devastation brought by kamikaze. Those mighty ships were manned with men prepared to defend what was, instead, forfeited. Before the fact, their chance to prevent the attack was denied by those who were in position to subvert it.

If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded. – Karl Marx

Communication is way better today that it was in 1941. We know, and have known, of bedlimite Kim’s aspiration to damage, or at least challenge, US, the United States. The bloggers are all over it. Those in the United States in position to prevent an attack on American soil, or in American waters, are geared to repeat history.

Maybe Kim wants to scare US. Personally, I’ll not give him that satisfaction. Should Kim’s plaything find its way to Oahu, Niihau, the Big Island of Hawaii, or anywhere in between, well, it’ll be a new experience. But what of US, the United States?

The man in position with the greatest power to protect the interests of the United States of America has shown the man he is. He is not a mystery, he is a man who, incredible as it is, does not display an interest in defense of our country. Forget his economic policy, his demeaning apologies for what we, the US, are, what our history is. Obama is a detriment on vivid display.

Obama holds the position of Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces. How embarrassed was the airman whose salute was returned not with a courteous, respectful salute in reply, but an extended hand? How embarrassed are the troops whose president shows disdain for the standard, the flag of the United States of America, that symbolizes the purpose of their uniform? They (military personnel) can not say with confidence that orders from the man in position as Commander in Chief are legal. This is a man (Obama) who is to command the greatest Armed Forces in the World?

The man’s experience is community organization, incomplete Senatorial duties, hiding paperwork, reading teleprompters, apology, promoting Political Correctness… He has shown his character. He’s a man of appearance, a man with charisma, a man who prefers Czar Power to Representative Governance. No, he cannot be expected to make dignified decisions to the advantage of the people of the United States, to the Constitution he is sworn to uphold.

Is Obama expected to respond commendably to the nuclear threats of a madman?
Or will he surprise US?
We shall see.

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  • 1. Pryder  |  090619 at 2:10 pm

    He is more concerned about attacking America himself,as is the remainder of his party.We are in a more perilous time now then any in recent history,not because of the nature of the world,because of the complete coward and spineless wimp we have for a commander-in-chief.I feel extremely sorry for any military personel that are currently serving to have such a total embarrassment for a commander.Protect and defend the constitution are merely empty words to this man and his political friends in congress and the media.

    • 2. hepsy  |  090619 at 7:51 pm

      He is attacking, isn’t he? His missile is hidden in plain sight, so obvious to those of US who know what’s wrong with things like having Czars in America.

  • 3. UK Fan  |  090619 at 7:36 pm

    I guess this is Barry’s Cuban Missle Crisis, I’m sure JFK is rolling in his grave.
    God Save the Republic.

    • 4. hepsy  |  090619 at 7:54 pm

      JFK. Hadn’t thought of him, but yes, it is rather reminiscent. (Or it would be if I actually remembered it. 🙂

      I really don’t think Kim’s toy will hit a populated part of Hawaii. I expect it to fizzle in the Pacific, as they usually do. But there’s nothing I can do about it, anyway, so there’s no point in worrying.

    • 5. hepsy  |  090620 at 7:58 pm

      I don’t know that news of North Korea’s resident Nut’s threats often make mainland news. But every now and then, here, we hear of Kim’s boasting that his missiles can reach Hawaii. So far they’ve fizzled in the Pacific, if they left the launchpad. While I don’t expect many think Kim’s missile will really reach us, there are two things that give pause for thought: Hawaii is named, and we were bombed in 1941.
      Mahalo for your comment!

  • 6. Evil Monk  |  090620 at 12:30 am

    I suppose that this matter is being much more seriously looked at by those of you in Hawai’i than by us Continentals. Not to say that this isn’t VERY alarming to some of us, but we are not hearing about this in widespread format at all.

    I find it difficult to comprehend how we are not doing more to give Kim Jong Il the crystal clear message that such acts of aggression will not be taken lightly.

    Alas, I fear that the first that most Americans will hear of these developments will be when…well…let’s all just keep praying for Global Sanity and continue to stock up on supplies.

    What a World…

  • 7. Evil Monk  |  090620 at 12:35 am

    Come to think of it, though, the range is widely regarded as “iffy” at best, and their guidance systems are laughable. The real danger here is complacency not a direct attack I believe.

    Still the gall of announcing his intention to give us “4th of July Fireworks” is just appalling. The first I heard of it, I had to read the article a few times to make sure that I had read it right.

    Again, the real surprise is America’s “meh” attitude towards a direct threat that just 1 year ago would have sent Bush to Congress for appropriations to go to war.

  • 8. jcscuba  |  090620 at 10:42 am

    Lets us not forget the nuclear testing Iran did while Obma was on his let me sniff you ass trial. It’s funny do you think any of this would have gone on under Bush? Historical record indicates a big no. Bush would have spoke to the world of the plight of the Freedom seeking freedom, possibly put up a naval blockade not letting any of their oil oout or gas in return, they hve little refinery capability. People are pissed, gas was a nickle, now it’s 50 cents, Inflation is really getting bad, but the chosen one wants to kiss Iranian butts while they are testing nuclear weapns while he was there. Is he a wimp or what.
    Just remember Hepsterina, you voted for him.

    • 9. hepsy  |  090620 at 8:06 pm

      For several years Kim has boasted that his missiles can hit US, but so far they’re just fizzles. I don’t know that Bush did anything. Maybe he didn’t take Kim seriously?

      Hepsterina looked over your shoulder in the voting booth and copied your ballot. Just remember, ya never know when you’re being watched! If you’re gonna get caught doing something, it should at least be fun! :-*

      Mahalo for commenting!

  • 10. Ron  |  090621 at 10:17 am

    Great article! You know where to come for the weekend, free from that North Korean’s lunacy. Are you really so sure it won’t get there?

    • 11. hepsy  |  090622 at 7:05 pm

      Your offer is tempting! I would especially like camaraderie. 🙂
      Mahalo for the invite and well wishes!

  • 12. R.H. Ralls  |  090622 at 2:23 pm

    Well, dealing with North Korea is an entirely different world from dealing the Taliban or Saddam Hussein, as was shown in the winter of 1950.

    First: if the NKPA (North Korean People’s Army) performs as well as it did in 1950 when it drove the ROK (Republic of Korea) Army and US Army detachments all the way to Pusan and then pinned a superior force within the Pusan Perimeter until they were out-flanked by landings at Inchon, then there will be tough fight after engaging them.

    Second: then there is Communist China. In 1950, after the landings at Inchon defeated the NKPA invasion of the ROK and U.N. Forces advanced to the banks of the Yalu River (which is the border between Korea and China) the Communist Chinese joined the war and their sudden and massive counter-attack drove so far south that they temporarily recaptured Seoul.

    Thus, we can expect that if we attack North Korea the Communist Chinese will come in on the side of North Korea.

    Frankly, the only thing to do in this situation is to attack North Korea. They have to be dealt with BEFORE they are fully nuclear capable, because if they force us to deal with them later when they are it will get even more messy.
    The Korean War is not yet over: a state of war still exists between North and South Korea. People still get killed along the DMZ on occasion. The fighting was concluded only by an armistice, which is a temporary cease-fire until such time as an actual treaty is signed. For example: World War I did not actually end on 11 Nov 1918, it really did not end until 28 Jun 1919. Combat ceased on 11 Nov 1918 by armistice, but any of the parties could have chosen to continue the War at will until the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 Jun 1919. Thus, even though there is an armistice with North Korea and China, the war has not ended because no treaty of peace was ever negotiated and signed.
    One of the most disturbing things Kim Ding-Dong Il has done recently was to declare the Armistice dead. That quite literally means he could initiate combat at will and represents a virtual declaration of war.

    Considering that, what happens if we wait until he takes the initiative when he is ready? He is working on nuclear weapons and an effective delivery system; along with that he is a proliferator. Wait for him and we may see mushroom clouds in the most disconcerting sort of places …

    Then there’s that Chinese problem again. They are nuclear capable, and now that Bill Clinton has sold them both reliable missile technology and missile guidance technology back in the 1990’s we are potentially facing a Nuclear China with an effective striking capability that they once lacked.

    Thus, the first thing requisite to dealing with Kim Kong Dung Il is to find a way to keep the Chinese out, or get them to help. That is going to require hopefully secret negotiations with the Chinese.

    I note that Obama has dispatched the Under Secretary of Defense to China. I wager the ultimate purpose is to test the waters with China.

    I also note that while Obama has said strong words, he has not reinforced the US Army forces in the ROK. That should have been his first step, just to make a statement to Kim Dingbat Il if nothing else. I know the 2ID is at least partially drawn off for deployment to other theaters. The 2ID happens to be the only substantial combat asset of the 8th Army. When we start redeploying from Iraq, that better be where those units go.

    If I were in Hawaii I would get in the nearest katamaran or surfboard and start paddling for Maine real soon, just to be on the safe side. I doubt Obama will do anything but cringe and try to talk it out, giving Kim Jenga Il all the time he wants or needs, and hope nothing happens under his watch.

    • 13. amnesty  |  090622 at 5:02 pm

      I’m a big believer in the KISS principle-“Keep it Simple Stupid”. I also believe that those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Slam those two together, throw in Kims’ missiles, and you have a true recipe for disaster. If I lived in Hawaii and had the means, I’d celebrate the week of the Fourth in LA. That’s Los Angeles for all you Cajuns.

      • 14. hepsy  |  090622 at 7:13 pm

        The reality of your recipe for disaster (history +Kim = boom!) has people concerned.

        Think LA could be more fun than party on an Oregon beach, or along the Illinois River? If I could accept all the invites, I would be quite happy!

        But I really don’t expect foreign fireworks among the displays here. If so, well then, a new experience, at worst!

    • 15. hepsy  |  090622 at 7:03 pm

      To strike now, before NK is nuclear mature, requires either a US Commander in Chief capable of coherent strategy, or a command under him strategically coherent and independent of the former. I do not see either.
      More than Kim Ding-Dong (LOL I love the names!) threats, Obama’s incompetence is frightening.

      If you were in Hawaii on a catamaran headed for Maine, you’d be more leery of the coold of frost than the heeat of blast, LOL!

      Will Kim Jenga Il’s missiles go astray, and strike Oahu? Will we have a new experience? Maybe more than anywhere else in US, I can only say, Lucky I live Hawaii!

      Mahalo for your comment!
      -aloha- :-*

  • 16. conservative09  |  090630 at 10:55 am

    I doubt the missiles will get close to Hawaii. As you said, they’l probably fizzle into the Pacific.

    But we’ll find out in the next week…

    Good job.

    • 17. hepsy  |  090630 at 11:18 am

      Someone helped Kim Ding-Dong (thanks, R.H. Ralls!:)) figure out that a 4,000 mile range missile is unlikely to hit Hawaii, 4,500 miles distant. Kim switched to a mid-range strategy.
      Mahalo for your comment.


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