Big Insurers Like ObamaCare

100322 at 11:37 am 4 comments

-by Linda Butts

Reuters posted a series of items relating to the healthcare overhaul that passed last night. Its position in favor of the reform is not surprising. Reuters also comments with headlines like, “Wall Street gains as healthcare uncertainty ends” and “US employers brace for health reform changes.”

The Health Care sector of the Market likes the CHANGE, including Health Care Insurers!

Big Health Insurers like the Health Care Reform because it puts taxpayer money in their pockets. The evidence is in the surge in a variety of Health Care stocks, including Health Care Insurer Sectors. That means BIG MONEY, a.k.a. WallStreet (which is really Big Money, like Health Insurers) is buying lots of Health Care stocks because they LIKE the hemorrhaging red ink Congress poured on US.

Insurers will benefit with rationing put on US.
Employers brace for the change, resulting in…. Guess What!?

The peon public supporting CHANGE see the ill-covered lies and dismiss the CHANGE to rape we the People.

Call HealthCare a Right and Fools for Change will clamor for equality in execrable HealthCare.

Call Rape a Lollipop and Fools for Change clamor for a really big one.

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socialist democracy – Government In Spite of the People repeal it!

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  • 1. Paleryder  |  100322 at 3:34 pm

    When they start to ‘spread the health’ around, it’ll be interesting to see the reaction of the left when they realize they were screwed by another lying politician. One who they worshiped and thought the USA was made in his image.

    • 2. hepsy  |  100322 at 5:36 pm

      When they “spread the health” the Fools for Change will discover the price of their free health care. Think they’ll ever realize why Big Insurers love ObamaCare, or always think ObamaCare took care of a Health Monster?
      Mahalo for your comment!

  • 3. dancingczars  |  100323 at 10:23 am

    Excellent find Hepsy, well written, xoxo Jim

    • 4. hepsy  |  100323 at 8:30 pm

      Mahalo.;) But I didn’t quite find it. It was displayed in front of me while I was working.


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