Why we should be Worried about 2/11 Iran Threat

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from Noiri.blogspot Anti-Mullah blog

As you all probably know, Feb 11th is the eve of the anniversary of the Khomeini Revolution (Feb 13th). With Iran about 11 hours ahead the revolution in the USA it would be the 12th and 11th would be the eve.

With Israel massing troops against Lebanon and Syria – either to prevent retaliation after an attack on Iran, or if war breaks out on their borders, the Ahmadi-Nejad arrogance is serious.

It could be a dirty nuke on Israel (regardless that it would also pollute Palestinians – or equally likely an EMP (electro magnetic pulse nuke bomb – no human damage) on a Western target.

Iran has had that technology for quite some time and has delivery capability from an offshore rust bucket cargo ship if need be.

Note: non-nuclear explosive devices exist to send out the same pulse, which instantly disables all electronic circuits. Those in  your cell phone, lap top, car, traffic lights, trains, trucks, ships, electricity grids etc. – anywhere where electronics are part of the item.

Possibly using a refurbished foreign flag cargo ship captured by Somali pirates as a stalking horse to make the “delivery”.

Lots of conjecture but little hard fact available for now. Certainly enough for Obama to acquiesce to strengthen US presence in the region – ostensibly to protect our Arab friends.

My suspicious mind jumps out of the box here and into a conspiracy mode where Obama is setting up a win/win situation for himself.

1) He has an agreement with Moslem pal Ahmadi-Nejad to create this crisis (remember the Administration of “of never let a crisis go to waste”), but he then jumps to protect his Arab supporters against Iran.

2) Things happen…. the Arabs and the West feel direct Iran attack pain. Perhaps in New York or thousands of suicide bombers already waiting throughout the  USA in our Malls and thousands of our school children being kidnapped and probably killed – (part of retaliation) or Saudi oil fields destroyed.

3) Special Shia event days of the shorter Islamic Lunar calendar rotate in our Gregorian Western calendar and now the Mourning Day of Arba-eyn, the 40th day after the death in battle of  Imam Hossein, son of Imam Ali, who founded the Shia branch of Islam.

The coinciding of such a momentous Shia date with the Feb 13th anniversary of the 1979 Khomeini revolution almost forces Iran to do something dramatic.

4) Now the clincher: As a result, Obama declares war on Iran, Congress passes an Act of War, as part of his outrage (at death and damage to the USA or Saudi or other Arab countries or in a change of heart, even to Israel.

With a rapidly angry American populace blaming him for his weakness and inability to Administer or govern the country, he will simply – as per the Act of War DECLARE MARTIAL LAW, SUSPEND ELECTIONS AND RULE BY DECREE.

The ultimate LEGAL power grab and imposed obedience of every American BY LAW comes into effect.

How easy is that?

5) Outside of the box but this is also a very possible scenario from those brains which put this useless, inexperienced idiot into our People’s House for no other purpose than to ruin America for them.

He has served NO OTHER purpose this far.

Thus both ends of the equation have intense motivation to have a crisis!


Clashes have been occurring today in Lar Region of Fars Province where  been against the regime decision to divide the region up and transfer part of this migrating Qashghai tribe center around Farashmand to one of the adjoining coastal provinces. Instead of Fars Province center Shiraz, a section of the mountain tribe will be governed out of Bushehr farther south.

NOTE: The Mullahs are using new anti-riot TRUCKS built by China. These have various capabilities:

Tear gas projectiles
Semi-lethal knock out gas projectiles

Water cannon spraying: (from various on board tanker compartments)
– Indelible dye on people to identify them later
– Boiling hot water
– Ice cold water (winter use)
– Acidic, skin burning liquid

The Mullah riot squads now have new, lethal  clubs, which EASILY shatter skulls and break body bones, probably through special ergonomic design and weighted steel.

A cry of appeal for help by those currently  being killed and beaten from inside Iran has been sent to friends and family overseas to forward to the United Nations asking for UN troops to be  ready enter Iran at the request of the populace to save the people!

With emphasis on the regime’s plan to use NEWLY ACQUIRED  unmanned armed helicpters to shoot down demonstrators around February 11th to 13th.



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Presidents – Coming and Going :) Rise in solar activity all but certain to mess with GPS

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  • 1. paleryder  |  100210 at 1:28 pm

    There is no such thing as a “coincidence” when referring to the activities of such people. What’s coming is anyones guess,and our response will undoubtably be heavily weighed from current polling on such a matter. The responsibility of national security is merely an irritating part of the job for our current C in C. The threat levels recognized by the “leaders” in DC are those from within our own borders. Like Rush,Beck,Palin and the satan that is FOX news. You can easily tell what it is the left fears,they give themselves away.They have spent almost no time talking about Iran,Bin Laden or islamic radicals,they cannot even bring themselves to utter those words. Instead the threats they see are any and all who oppose their destruction of the American economy and the stripping of America’s defense.

    We have in Iran a wack who thinks he can hasten the arrival of the 12th imam.In DC we have one who thinks he is that 12th imam. Somewhere along the line they are going to have to either work in unison or settle their differences. Either way,our prez. will only take action that he deems as beneficial to him. He pretend governs with lots of I’s and Me’s and does not understand “we”.

    • 2. hepsy  |  100210 at 2:16 pm

      I find our prez as inimical to US as the Iranian whack and his mullah. What’s scarier, IMHO is that Achmenajad doesn’t pretend to like US.

      You’re so right about what’s left out of the news revealing what they fear. Left news tends to find its way to me. They (i.e. Reuters) have a habit of (frequently) reporting things before they get spun then they quickly twist them to be picked up by MSM followers. (I often watch a news feed during market hours, so catch the news before it’s spun. Sometimes it takes days to make it to regular MSM.)

      Our president? Think of himself as the 12th imam? LOL! He probably thinks himself more divine than a mere imam! And based on what he has already done, would not be the least surprised if it would thrill him to see US as debased as 3rd world paupers. Who knows? Maybe that’s his aim, so it’d suit his purpose to ignore Iranian threats against US, just as it seems to suit his purpose to ignore terrorist threats.

      What’s scarier: wondering what Islamic freaks may do, or what Obama may do?
      But I repeat myself.
      And know where the Peace is:).

      mahalo for your comment!

  • 3. 1dragon  |  100210 at 1:44 pm

    For years I have said that we wouldn’t be having this problem with Iran if Carter would have taken care of them in the 70’s. But this could be a game to drive up the price of oil or pull us off guard while something else happens.

    • 4. hepsy  |  100210 at 2:23 pm

      Didn’t Carter take care of it? His way?
      Wasn’t that a factor in his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize? LOL! I was fooled by that Prize. Its worth was confirmed by Gore.

      What Gramsci did to Italy, Carter contributed in doing to US 😦
      Obama’s better at it than Carter was, tho.
      mahalo for your comment!

  • 5. Kepi  |  100210 at 2:45 pm

    I believe you give to much credit to Obama. I believe our current and past presidents are nothing more than puppets. Remember the old but true saying “Follow the Money” The Fed Reserve and the IMF, world bank etc are controlling both US policy and I believe world events by creating those ever so useful “Crisis”. Declassified documents have shown that the USA government had plans in the 60’s or 70’s to have CIA agents stage false attacks on US soil and blame it on Cuba to get the American people behind a war. Somebody please show me 1 government in the history of the world that has acted in the best interest of her people. Governments oppress people. Something is coming I don’t know what, when or where but I agree with Hepsy it will result in Obama executing 1 or more of the many executive orders written over the last 20 years that will absolve the constitution and implement martial law. I believe the corruption is so deep here in the US and globally that the people of the world will be doomed unless they realize there are more of us than them. If that happens we may in generations to come once again live in a free country. The freedoms our founding fathers gave us through sacrifice and blood have long passed. We are on the brink of complete oppression and sadly many Americans are more interested in the Super Bowl and American Idol. What is the saying. You reap what you sow. Thank you for the history. Great job Hepsy.

    • 6. hepsy  |  100210 at 4:06 pm

      You’re wonderful, thank you. ☺ Kudos for the post goes to its author at the Anti_Mullah blog (link at the beginning of article).

      Money-lust seems to be as much a part what’s going on as is power-lust. I don’t think it’s Obama’s wiles so much as a devilish recipe for the plan unfolding, whatever that may be. For want of a specific entity to name, I’ll put forth Obama because he is what can be identified. For me, it’s more satisfying than “the unknown” wreaking havoc in US, to name something tangible.

      So true: “Governments oppress people” That’s why ours was created to be one we the people control, a representative republic. Obama’s presidency seems like an accident and his handlers are careless. As you point out, Americans immersed in Super Bowl and American Idol rather than the fabric of our American lives, are ignorantly careless. But not all of US!

      The parade is still passing so, while we may be poised on the brink of oppression I do not believe our fate is sealed. I wake up each morning with the thought that This is the Day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I hear the birds singing, hear of the snow falling to assist BadMan GlobalWarming, detect a tremor in American Marxist/Communist czar voices, and know YHWH is still in control, that the peace of the Creator has overcome the insanity of this world, that the Islamic War opposed to the freedom offered through Truth named Jesus who brings it has overcome the world. (Ain’t gonna apologize for preaching, don’t do it often enough!)

      We have people to put in Congress this year, and in 2012.
      We ain’t oppressed until we allow ourselves to be.

      Mahalo for your comment!

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  • 21. bob  |  101231 at 3:46 am

    Yes the USA is in a mess and govts always oppress their people and steal their wealth. always…both parties are in on this, trust me. It is a marriage of evil and greed. Truly a wedding made in hell.

    • 22. hepsy  |  110102 at 5:40 pm

      So true!
      We need to triangulate to find a political side that is, at least temporarily, benevolent to US.

      Evil. Greed. Neither would exist without Good and Generosity for contrast. I sometimes think of the recorded account of God being asked to provide a King for Israel…… Instead of His government, we’re subject to the folly of men.

      mahalo for you comment!


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