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Didn’t write an executive order against life and call it good

Called a terrorist a terrorist, not a student

Didn’t blame Clinton

Didn’t add government workers and call it job creation

Supported, not trashed, the giant leap for mankind moon mission

Didn’t invite heros to his State of the Union then ignore them (police who shot Fort Hood terrorist)

Didn’t confiscate an industry

Didn’t hijack financial system

Didn’t ram BushCare

Didn’t promote Government Muscle over Individual Rights

Wasn’t out to Change the fundamentals of US

Didn’t present himself as the solution to everything

Didn’t present solutions as more of himself

Didn’t act like a Hollywood celebrity

Didn’t apologize for what America is

Didn’t diminish America by bowing to inimical foreigners

Didn’t hide who he was

Didn’t lie about his religion

Stumbled over his words, wasn’t an eloquent deceiver

Wasn’t all about him

Didn’t diss Supreme Court Justices

Wasn’t out to destroy Wall Street or any other part of America

Didn’t protect terrorists

Didn’t lie about cutting taxes

Didn’t present a State of his Agenda (as opposed to State of the Union)

Reformed Democrats?
Why I’m Not Going to Watch Obama’s State of the Union Address
Obama refers to himself 114 times
“It’s the People’s Seat”
Full Text: Republican response to State of the Union
SEIU Calls Senators ‘Terrorists’
Leading American Terrorist Arrested in Yemen
Malaysia arrests ten tied to Christmas underwear jihadist

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Battle for US – a flip for the House from Hawaii the Fighter and his Shadow

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