Crocodiles and Alligators on Brown’s winall

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-by Linda Butts

Yep! Brown’s win of Teddy’s seat in Congress is not only noteworthy, but a sparkle of joy in a moat of crocodiles. Or alligators. Or crocagators, whichever fits. There’s still Pelosi who says Brown’s win won’t stop Health Care and the House’s Democratic leader Hoyer who says Dems are considering their options to pass Obamacare … passing before Brown is seated (like I’m hearing his fellow democrats saying, hahahaha), or the House passing the Senate version without discussion, to present to Obama for signing.

What I like best about the whole thing is that it’s Teddy’s seat with Teddy’s health reform passion in Teddy’s senate with Teddy’s boughten democratic insanity in a CHANGE we, US, don’t want, don’t need, can’t afford and despise, that may, finally, allow Mary Jo Kopenich to RIP as the rest of US breathe a sigh of relief from the insanity installed in Washington a year ago. Oh. And voted in on the Hill 2004, and loathe every cognizant moment of reality check.

The crocodile? Hmmm…. an undocumented man, a dead man, a woman who thinks she dangles gonads and doesn’t have a clue what a public servant may be, along with numerous WannaBees… But that would mean the alligator may nip the miscreants in their nether parts as they trip over their slithering mess of perverted Transparency.

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