50 years and all we get is a Bobblehead?

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– by Linda Butts

August 21, 1959 – August 21, 2009: Fifty Years. The anniversary didn’t just leap out of nowhere and take us by surprise. We’ve known the date. Any kid in elementary school here knows the remarkable history that preceded the fifty years today marks. The tee shirts, mugs and bags have been printed, bobblehead dolls neatly packed in their boxes to stand unforgivingly on the special deals pedestal. The surprise is the parade that isn’t to be walked, the fireworks not ignited, the celebrations left undone. People are quietly remembering. It’s to be a quiet 50th anniversary for the 50th state of the United States.

Hawaii’s Legislature must have exhausted themselves, finding the means to cause the people of Hawaii to be the highest taxed in the Union. Oh, and we can’t forget their generous raise to themselves, a bit reminiscent of the Congressmen in Washington. But, alas! There aren’t the funds for even a modest celebration of Fifty Years of Statehood for the Fiftieth State.


OBAMA- Aloha Bobblehead
Hawaii's Son - America's President

Hawaii’s 50th anniversary as the 50th state in the Union will be marked by a Commemorative Conference for the next 50 years. Whoopie!  Oh,  and there are to be reenactments of the overthrow of  Queen Liliuokalani. A nice, quiet conference and solemn reenactment.  Seems the most excitement is to be the Aloha Bobblehead.

Along with claiming the highest taxes, Hawaii also claims the first Black President. Obama. America’s President. Hawaii’s Son. That’s what’s proclaimed on the box, anyway, and on the base of the bobblehead: “Obama –Aloha Bobblehead– America’s President–Hawaii’s Son” Will the Son Hawaii claims make mention of the half century of statehood of the state where it’s claimed he was born? Or will Hawaii be as absent from mention by Hawaii’s Son, as from the Son’s MySpace and FaceBook entries? It’s quite the disconnect. One’s proud to claim the other, but the other is destined to be an Aloha Bobblehead.

You can read a brief, government approved timeline of Hawaii’s walk to statehood, if you want to, right here. The history of Hawaii’s Monarchy, as the Republic’s, predates this timeline. Most school kids here are adequately versed in Hawaii history, and the Palace is on the must visit list of elementary students on Oahu. The history of Hawaii, really, is much richer than her present appears.

(note: I bought the Bobblehead to go with the 57 States pin.)

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